Lake Nipissing is a multiple species lake with plenty to choose from including: Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, Perch, Small & Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Catfish, Sheephead and Panfish.

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Remember Lake Nipissing has a few exceptions!

Rent a boat from our fleet or bring your own and enjoy our docking facilities right in front of the cottages. All Cottages have maps & information with the best areas to locate the types of fish you are looking for as well as tips, fishing trends and relevant articles that apply directly to our end of the lake.

We have also have 2 pontoon boats for lager groups that want to fish together.When you bring your catch in, clean it in our modern fish cleaning station to preserve your fillets until you’re ready to go home.

How to properly clean your catch

In this series I have put together a video library of techniques you can use to properly clean and make sure your fish are de-boned for all to enjoy. If you are new to filleting fish these videos will be very useful. If you are experienced, there are often little tricks & tips you may forgotten or never even tried.

Filleting All Bass

Whether it’s a Large Mouth, Small Mouth, or Rock Bass. They are all cleaned the same. Bass is a bit stronger tasting fish but you can manage the taste a lot by making sure to remove a thin layer from the outside of the meat. The red in fish meat makes it taste bitter. Once removed though, Bass are very satisfying & as far as I’m concerned the most exciting and fun to catch as well.

Filleting Perch & Other Small Game Fish

Perch. So many anglers pass up the opportunity to enjoy one of the tastiest fish you get. I like to call Perch “the sweet treat”. They may be smaller but they are also plenty. My favorite way to prepare Perch is to make fish sticks out of them. The meat is a sweet, lite taste & as they are thin pieces they cook in just a minute. The perfect appetizer.

Filleting Pike

Pike is much like Walleye in that it belongs to the same family, is a white meat & when properly filleted and de-boned, is a very tasty meal. Also considering the larger size of Pike, just 1 or 2 fish will easily feed a few hungry diners!

Filleting Walleye

Walleye is considered by may anglers as the “fillet minion” of fresh water fish. It’s very lite tasting white meat that easy to clean, cook & satisfy even the pickiest of fish eaters.

No matter what time of year it is, there are always great fishing opportunities for you to put your angling skills to work. Click here for the

If you have ever wanted to do some peaceful fishing using a Kayak, Now you can! We have just added 2 new 13.4 Equinox Fishing Kayaks.

The North West Bay has long been known for it’s excellent Spring & Fall Walleye fishing but did you know that the Bass (Smallmouth & Largemouth) and Northern Pike are in abundance throughout the entire 3 seasons. We have the perfect conditions for these species to flourish.

Professional Guide Services

Guide service is available from the May Victoria Long Weekend to the September Labour Day Weekend. Fish with your guide, up to 4 people. You get a 6 hour trip on a 19 1/2 ft Lund Boat sporting a 225 hp Merc. You choose your fishing adventure, Walleye or Bass. Call for more info and pricing. Booking is limited so reserve now or with your stay!
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