Ice Fishing & Snowmobiling Adventures  on Lake Nipissing
Discover the Winter Charm at West Bay Cottages on Lake Nipissing!
Imagine a place where the snow gently blankets the landscape, creating a serene winter haven. This dream becomes a reality at West Bay Cottages, nestled on the beautiful shores of Lake Nipissing. Perfect for snowmobilers and ice fishermen, our cottages offer a cozy retreat from the exhilarating winter activities just outside your door.

Our fully furnished 2 & 3 bedroom cottages are designed to be your home away from home. Each cottage boasts a fully equipped kitchen complete with a fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and all the essential dishes.

You’ll find drinkable water flowing from every tap and a 3-piece bathroom that always has plenty of hot water, ideal for thawing out after a day in the snow. The warmth doesn’t stop there; each cottage is fitted with comforting baseboard heaters, ensuring a snug and warm environment throughout your stay.

Entertainment is never far away with our modern amenities. Each cottage features a flat-screen TV equipped with a FIRESTICK, allowing you to access your Amazon or Netflix accounts for a cozy movie night. And of course, there’s free WIFI to keep you connected, whether you’re posting your day’s adventures or relaxing with some online browsing.

Adventure awaits right outside your doorstep. Our location provides easy access to the snowmobile trail on Lake Nipissing, perfect for those looking to explore the winter landscape. We’ve also got gas available on-site, so you’re always ready for your next snowmobile ride. And for the ice fishing enthusiasts, the clear, cold waters of Lake Nipissing offer a serene and fruitful fishing experience. We have portable Ice huts available for rent as well. AND AS A BONUS we even we have an on site mechanic for minor breakdowns!

ice fishing and snowmobiling at Lake Nipissing, your destination for winter excitement.
West Bay Cottages isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a winter experience waiting to be discovered.
Whether you’re speeding through snowy trails or patiently awaiting a catch on the ice, our cottages provide the perfect backdrop for your winter escapades.